Quality Policy
Excellence, Efficiency and Delivery are the Saviance quality hallmarks
The Saviance core quality control and management philosophy is modeled on the Continuous Improvement Cycle of Deming. Adherence to rigorous quality and Six Sigma standards provides a quantifiable benchmark and encourages adoption of best practices in our relationships with customers, suppliers, and our employees.
Quality Policy
Continuous Improvement
Cycle of Deming
Quality Policy Quality Policy
The Quality Policy at Saviance is a forceful combination of thorough professionalism, excellent skill-set and state-of-the-art technology. Our impressive team of Test Engineers and Domain Experts ensure that our clients get end-to-end coverage for their products. We focus on utilizing best practices and strategies to ensure that the all the QA testing needs of the client’s software are met with the highest of standards.

It is our strong driving factor at Saviance that autonomous certified QA and software testing services provides customers an edge over the traditional approach. And our aim is to deliver the most cost effective QA / Testing solutions in the defined timelines with the highest emphasis on quality. Our Organization is large enough to perform almost any size of project, but nimble enough to offer personal attention to each project.

Our QA Strength fundamentals are:
  • Autonomous & Unbiased Defect Reporting
  • Framework based Methodology
  • Expert Knowledge in Test Automation Suites
  • Shadow Resource Placement
  • Domain Experts with Testing Knowledge
  • Robust Bench Strength
  • Strong Process Experience
  • Knowledge Retention & Mgmt.
  • Project Simplicity and Control
  • Certified Testing Team
Customization and innovation are the 2 keywords that define the processes that our team members follow diligently. By aligning themselves with the client’s goals, our team members continually work on innovating QA-Testing solutions to address challenging technical projects by bringing into use a comprehensive range of customized service models.

Having worked with clients from around the globe, our team is comfortable working in a complex environment. They are committed to creating a rewarding work milieu and are determined to create value for the client. At Saviance, we recognize the importance of quality employee programs for recruitment, development, motivation and retention.