Online Community
Collaborate Successfully with Viburnix
Viburnix has always been in the forefront of building a vibrant community, and is one of the better known community software vendor to have made its mark felt. Our software for community management has the ability to build online community portal that will help its members to collaborate between themselves and the Alma matter, contribute to the knowledge base of the institution, develop a picture gallery, exchange ideas within and outside the community, develop blogs to disseminate information, provide career guidance and even conduct polls to solicit views.

At the core of this online community building is our software. Proudly it is the first of its kind with an ability to initiate fruitful dialogues between all stake holders. The software is primarily built as a community management system with features that make it the most preferable.

As a community management system it can manage content policies, report undesirable content, monitor and analyze traffic to your websites and even play an administrative role for online community building. The administrative ability is capable of providing multiple levels of controls for individuals and departments within an enterprise.

Another salient feature of Viburnix software is its career building section where members can help post job opportunities they know or is opening up in their companies, which feature is not included by any community software vendor. In addition the blog in the online community portal is immensely helpful for exchanging ideas within the community and they happen at all time. It is very dynamic and the advantage is that even non-members can use it to their advantage.

Here are some other features that make Viburnix preferable over any other software for community management – create photo & video gallery, distribute newsletters to community members, chat within the community of members and exchange ideas of great importance. Viburnix is cloud capable and therefore can be run without any hardware to store content. Resultantly it is flexible, cost effective, free from technological obsolescence and finally secure.