Mobile Application
Connecting you with your colleagues seamlessly
Stay connected with your colleagues through our new Viburnix – Community Building App - be available wherever you are!
Viburnix has been developed by Saviance Technologies keeping in mind the fact that users these days make use of mobile devices to access internet and various applications. Viburnix has been designed for use on smartphones, tablets and all types of mobile devices. The developers of Viburnix have kept in mind the various constraints of using this community building software on these devices. Some of these constraints include the size of the screen and the hardware configurations and specifications.
The Viburnix mobile app has been developed keeping in mind the needs of the organization and the members including communication, collaboration, socializing and controlling. Viburnix offers the following feature as a mobile app:
Version 1.0
Search: This allows one to search for members
Nearby: This allows one to check which fellow member is in the vicinity
Events:This enables one to learn about the latest events at the organization
App for iphone & ipad