About Viburnix
A vibrant, customizable brand building platform
Online communities are rapidly becoming a popular way to organize people and accomplish work in a highly collaborative manner. They are a powerful tool for driving revenue, building brand loyalty, and creating an audience for your products and services.
Building strong relationships with employees, former employees and organizations is an important step towards the success and development of a community as a whole. Strong relationships are built by two way communication and Viburnix as a community building software is a headway in this direction.

Viburnix is a robust community building software which not only serves your community’s needs but also adds great value to your network. It gives a vital mission to your cause by collaborating with people across the globe through its various unique features. It also offers reliable revenue streams and high-quality education programs and services for the members.
Helps Building a Professional Reputation
Viburnix bolsters professionals across industry segments and verticals such as consultants, trainers, job-seekers, authors to build their professional reputation online. This solution encourages them to contribute relevant and informative content regarding their domain experience and industry expertise on this platform which would reinforce them to gain professional recognition and respect for their expertise.
Brings a feel good factor
Many people enjoy the thought that their knowledge and insights have the potential to reach instantly to a worldwide audience. People also feel good when they receive praise for their professional work/advice and see others succeed with their inputs. Viburnix as a successful online community building portal attracts and retains the right people and enables them to collaborate regularly and productively, thus creates a feel good factor among them.
Business Exchange Strategies
Business owners are always on the lookout for great resources to help them grow, but they don’t always have time to research, read, and sort the wheat from the chaff. Viburnix, an online community portal enables collaboration amongst its members at a much more professional level. This platform allows the members to work and exchange business details with their peers at a professional level and also they offer several business prospects, thus enabling members to expand their business & professional network and even initiate new business ventures.
Viburnix has been widely acclaimed as one of the best software for managing online networks. It helps its members to collaborate, exchange views, enable communication, controls the processes and advocates the best values.